ELogs: Tracking Hours of Service

In December 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) Final Rule. The rule affects drivers and fleet operators across the country.

Don't wait! If you are required to comply with this new rule, e-LOGBOOK has a solution ready for you.

Contact us today to learn about a package that adds the ELD solution you need to the e-LOGBOOK service you want. One bill. One low monthly cost. One package to handle your GPS needs and ELD requirements.

Benefits of our ELD solution

With e-Logbook, you'll have better roadside inspections, CSA score improvement, and protection from DOT audits and interventions.

  • Eliminate handwritten logs and save paperwork.
  • Receive warnings when critical violations are approaching.
  • Provide quick access to reports for roadside inspections.
  • Automatically change driver duty status.
  • Achieve 100% compliance



Driver App modeled after familiar paper logs, simplifying training for drivers


With a streamlined interface, drivers spend less time doing paperwork and more time driving


Easy-to-use app, prevents log errors that can jeopardize compliance

Set duty status with one-click. Automatic updates when driving starts or stops




A. GPS + Free Engine Fault Codes + Free Trips + Free Driving Dynamics


B. GPS + Free Engine Fault Codes + Free Trips + Free Driving Dynamics E-Logbook + Meal Break Settings


C. Included A+B an IFTA Mileage report




Direct Connect Real Time to Cellular Network Connected via Bluetooth Connectivity
Real time GPS for both your Vehicle / Driver Always NOT connected and your equipment or driver data availability is limited
Driving Data is constantly updated and kept in the Cloud / Data servers ELD data is LOST if the bluetooth device is NOT connected
No Data is lost You will lose data if the mobile device is broken causing you to fall out of compliance
Free Driving Dynamics (Speed, Hard breaking, Check engine Light warning and Codes) Driving dynamics are available for an additional FEE
Free Driver notification forcing to take Mandated Meal Breaks and keeping up with the drivers time card No driver notifications for driver meal breaks
Free Driver daily Inspection-Pre and Post-Trip Not available
Easy Installation - Plug and Play Requires Professional / Time for Installation

What Our Clients Say

Client testimonials about their experiences working with Trucksoft Concepts.

User-friendly app, easy to use, simple navigation. It provides perfect assistance for any trucker on a daily basis!

-Ravin Shan /

I had a great experience with e-LOGBOOK.

I started using ELD compliance and experienced the joy of easy map-reading! GPS tracking function enables locating the vehicles thus keeping an eye on the truck drivers and increased productivity.

Also, their customer service is second to none in this industry because they do care about customers! Thanks a lot!

-Mark Woods /

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Log data is stored in a unified system for easy access to a real time view of data by the carrier. Owners can easily and quickly intervene if necessary to locate specific log entries by performing a quick search; making the truckers job that much easier.

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